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Copytraps is an AI research and deployment product built by Manomite Limited. Our mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.


The objectives of Manomite is to ensure that artificial intelligence (AI)—that is, highly autonomous systems that outperform humans in the most economically useful tasks that benefits all of humanity. We shall make every effort to directly develop safe and beneficial AI, but we will consider our purpose accomplished if our work assists others in accomplishing this goal.



Benefits Are Widely Distributed

We commit to using any influence we have over the deployment of AGI to ensure that it is used for the benefit of all, and to avoid supporting uses of AI or AGI that damage humanity or excessively centralize power.


Long-Term Safety

We are devoted to conducting the research necessary to make AGI safe, as well as to promoting the widespread adoption of such research within the AI community.


Cooperative Orientation

We intend to actively collaborate with other research and policy institutions in order to build a worldwide community dedicated to addressing AGI's global concerns.

Who’s Involved

The board of Manomite Limited governs Copytraps, which are made up of Manomite employees, Adeyeye George (CEO & CTO), Adeyeye Abimbola (Project Supervisor) and Snar Sommer (Creative Engineer) as well as non-employees George Miracle, George Isaac and Aremu Moyinoluwa.

To be effective in addressing the effects of AI on society, Manomite must be at the bleeding edge of AI capabilities—policy and safety advocacy alone will not enough.

We believe that AI will have a greater societal impact before AI, and we will endeavor to be leaders in areas that are directly related to our goal and expertise.

We’re hiring talented people in a variety of roles across research, engineering, operations, people, finance, and policy to join our team in Ondo State, Akure.

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