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Keeping your contents save and stopping infringements is another level of brand uniqueness that puts you ontop of the world .

About the Project

Uncertainty is one of the biggest barriers to entry for any conversion action you're trying to get your readers to perform within your funnel. Of course, the first step in reducing uncertainty is to build brand awareness, as the more familiar a reader becomes with your brand, the more likely they are to trust and get to know you. The more they know about your brand, the more seamless their journey will be from browser to customer.

There are lots of people keeping preying eyes on your hard work contents to use it for themselves without your permissions. Many has designed sophisticated tools around your brand to steal your contents through extractions, crawling, copying, re-writing, cloning, phishing and lots more.

Your readers/customers have an array of easily accessible public data, which grows exponentially as they use more digital mediums in everyday life. The level by which cyber criminals uses stolen contents to trick user believing the source was from your brand is highly common.

Content phishing are a proven strategy for cybercriminals and fraudsters. Given the success of these phishing campaigns, we continue to see a rise in their prevalence, ease of deployment and sophistication.

Copytraps Digital Threat Protection monitor's your brand assets across the internet to take down infringements before your readers/customers are impacted. You receive instant threat notifications and detailed reporting through Copytraps tool portal.

Digital assets such as Articles, News, Ebooks, Images, Audio and Videos could be registered/dated on Copytraps for round the clock protections and findings.

24/7 Support

Round the clock protections and support.

Remove Threats

Remove threats targeting your readers/customers.

Daily Updates

Detailed reporting on which content was breached with source of the infringements.


Artificial Intelligence adapts to user behavior and detects unusual activity in real time.

What We Do?


Making sure the right people request for permissions to use your digital assets. Enable your digital transformation with a security strategy that reduces audience loss, risk, removes complexity and instills confidence in your future-proofed security posture.

Our Process

Understand our process methods for creating your account.

1. Register

Create your account, set it up and start the process for approval.

2. Approve

Get approved to start using your account with lots of resources and guides to get you started.

3. Integrate

Go to integration on your account and choose the suitable methods for your asset dating to start finding infringers.