Stop people from copying your digital assets

Copytraps is a powerful tool that helps you find content phishings, stealings or any form of illegal usage of your digital contents for law suits.

Confront the Persistent Phishing Problem

Content Phishing is the root cause of most content theft and infringements. Identifying and eliminating content phishing early reduces audience lose and damages. Copytraps Digital Threat Protection proactively detects and removes phishing contents targeting your readers.

24x7x265 Phishing Monitoring & Removal

Copytraps Digital Threat Protection monitor's your brand assets across the internet to take down infringements before your readers/customers are impacted. You receive instant threat notifications and detailed reporting through Copytraps tool portal.

The Benefits of Digital Threat Protection


Round the clock phishing protection with unparalleled threat visibility.


Monitors 100+ digital assets around the internet for various types of brands.


Detailed reporting on which asset was breached including the source of the theft.

Take Down

Expedited threat and asset phishing attempt takedown through custom penalties.

Why Use Copytraps?

Copytraps is a very powerful tool containing lots of other simplified tools such as;

Join a community where you store, encrypt and access rich contents that grants you access to financial breakthrough and creativity.

Monetize your blog, websites, contents and be heavily paid for each click.

Advertise your content and get more paid audiences without spending much on advertisement incentives .

You are an author or an artist and wants to get your book or movie published to the world instantly. Parrot is the best tool for you which will make this happen with rapid sales monitoring.

Lets keep your asset safe for you while you take the whole rewards back home.